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Live at the Bop Stop

Apr 25, 2022

 Donald Malloy is a New York City based producer and trumpeter. Being heavily rooted in jazz, he combines EDM genre productions such as Future Bass, Dubstep, and House with his trumpet to create a blurred line between Electronic Dance Music and America's Classical Music. This concert marks Donald Malloy, better known as...

Apr 11, 2022

All music used with permission by Tim Mirth Glitch


Track lisiting:


  • Grooves - Mirth
  • Afterthought - Leaves
  • Tricycle - Mirth
  • Misty - Burke/Garner
  • All Blues – Davis


From Night Terrors to Wayne Shorter Tribute to Chromadrive to Stellar Regions and modern jazz trios, we've come to expect the unexpected from Tim...

Apr 4, 2022

All music used in permission by the Theron Brown Trio.


Track Lisitng:


  • A Joyful Noise - Brown
  • I Can't Help It - Gurd/Foster/Plaskett/Lascelles/Govantez/Wonder/Green
  • Bolivia - Walton
  • Belvedere and Payne - Lehman
  • Tones for Joan's Bones - Corea
  • Grateful - Brown
  • Love Only Yourself - Coles
  • Spirit Fruit - Brown
  • Brown's...