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Live at the Bop Stop

Mar 20, 2023

All music used with permission by Charlie Ballentine.

Thank You-Ballentine
Sweet Tooth-Ballentine
Strange Idea-Ballentine
Wayfairing Stranger-Ballentine
Snow Angel-Ballentine
Off Minor-Monk
Midwestern Love Story-Ballantine
Kilgore in Timequake-Ballentine
No Damn Cat, No Damn Cradle-Ballentine 

This week -Indianapolis...

Mar 13, 2023

All music used with permission by Matthew Shipp.

New York City based pianist Matthew Ship has a thirty year catalog as a bandleader, session player and core member of David Ware’s quartet. Known initially as a free jazz performer, Matthew Shipp broadened his audio palate to explore contemporary classical and...

Mar 6, 2023

All music used with permission by Snarky Puppy Horns.




  • Bread Sandwiches - Wright

  • Make Me Say - Maz

  • Oriental Folk Song - Shorter

  • Anti Jam - Bullock

  • Always on the Move - Jennings

  • Quarter Master - League


Four-time Grammy award winning Snarky Puppy really doesn’t need an introduction. The full group...

Feb 27, 2023

All music used with permission by Michael Formanek Drome Trio.




  • Tattarrattat - Formanek

  • Little PeaDrome  - Formanek

  • New Drome - Formanek

  • With Chach - Formanek


Michael Formanek has been described as “a bold and unclassifiable bassist and composer,” and his trio graced our stage for the first time in...

Feb 20, 2023

All music used with permission by Sincerely, Linus.




  • Quarx - Polancich

  • Mohabi - Meisel

  • Fun Sin - Polancich/Meisel

  • Aluge/Jarred - Meisel

  • The People Out There - Polancich/Meisel

  • India - Coltrane

  • Lies - Polancich

  • Being There - Polancich

  • Hot Samwich - Polancich

  • Dare to Hear the Truth...