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Live at the Bop Stop

Feb 21, 2022

All music is used with permission from Brtyan Kennard Quintet.

  • In to Blue - Kennard
  • Bending East - Kennard
  • Of Other Moons - Kennard
  • Sci Fi Elf - Kennard
  • Blue 12 - Kennard
  • Floridiaspira - Kennard
  • Better Today Than Yesterday - Kennard
  • When In Doubt - Kennard

Flutist Bryan Kennard comes from a diverse background – composing songs for jazz ensembles, bluegrass bands and Brazilian ensembles – performing original works at the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals in Europe. Bryan returns home to Cleveland with a quintet performing original compositions featuring Chris Coles on saxophone, Dan Bruce on guitar, Aidan Plank on bass and Anthony Taddeo on drums. From a November 11th show in front of a live audience , it’s the Bryan Kennard Quintet – Live at the Bop Stop.

This program is recorded at the Robert Conrad Studios at the Bop Stop in Cleveland, Ohio with additional production by Graham Rosen and editing for WOBC and WNPA provided by Dr. Pete Naegele and for our podcast and other affiliates by Shawn Gilbert and Carsen Gilbert at GilAzar media.  

The Executive Producer is Daniel Peck.

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