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Live at the Bop Stop

Oct 31, 2022

All music used with permission by Darren Frate.




  • African Bloom - Frate
  • Salt of Montez - Frate
  • Inner Peace III - Frate
  • E Flat Minor 9 to C Minor 9 - Frate
  • Earthbound - Frate
  • Saturn - Frate
  • Short Story - Frate
  • Into the River - Frate
  • Shanti - Frate
  • Little Coffin - Frate



Cleveland based bassist Darren Frate has spent his career as an educator and a touring musician. We work with him extensively at the music settlement here in Cleveland, but for this performance he assembled a group of northeast Ohio’s best to celebrate the release of his latest album resonance.

Featuring Dave Kasper on saxophone, Seth Johnson on guitar, Darren Frate on electric bass and Dave black on drums, from an April 7th, 2022 performance here’s the Darren Frate Group – Live at the Bop Stop.

This program is recorded at the Robert Conrad Studios at the Bop Stop in Cleveland, Ohio with additional production by Graham Rosen and editing for WOBC and WNPA provided by Dr. Pete Naegele and for our podcast and other affiliates by Shawn Gilbert and Carsen Gilbert at GilAzar Media. 

The Executive Producer is Daniel Peck.


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