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Live at the Bop Stop

Jun 13, 2022

Northeast Ohio has no shortage of developing young jazz talent, and on trumpet one of the best is Frank Alowishus. Frank regularly performs as a sideman in multiple groups and as an adjunct member of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. This week, he steps into the spotlight with his own compositions and his own band.

Featuring Joey Green on Bass, Joe Eff on Keys, Frank on Trumpet and Andrew Marunowski on Guitar, from July 25th, 2021 -it’s Frank Alowishus – Live at the Bop Stop.

All tracks used with premission from Frank Alowishus.

Feel Good - Alowishus
Quantum - Alowishus
Strollin' - Alowishus
Volume Control - Alowishus
Black Facts - Alowishus
2Wavy - Alowishus
Write It Down - Green/Alowishus
Pot Liquor - Alowishus/Troi