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Live at the Bop Stop

Dec 25, 2023

12All music used with permission by Max Schlenk.

Northeast Ohio native Max Schlenk returns from a stint in New York City to present the Sunset Suite, a group of compositions that relate to a series of experiences on his larger journey since the pandemic in 2020. The goal of this week and this performance is to provide a space and context to reflect on the hardships and challenges encountered over the last few years and to provide hope for the future to come. This performance reunites Max with some of his prior collaborators and includes Garrett Folger on trumpet, Jonah Ferguson on guitar, Owen Frankel on bass, Jeremy McCabe on drums, and Max on saxophone and piano. From July 20th 2023 Max Schlenk presents the Sunset Suite Live at the Bob Stop. 


Live At The Bop Stop is made possible by The Music Settlement – serving Northeast Ohio by offering music instruction – music therapy and early childhood education since 1912. The Music Settlement’s mission is to welcome all to our music and arts community to learn – create – inspire – and heal.


This program is recorded at the Robert Conrad Studios at The Bop Stop in Cleveland, Ohio and the studios of Gilazar Media in Fairlawn, Ohio. Additional production at The Bop Stop is provided by Graham Rosen. Editing for WOBC WNPA and the Public Radio Exchange is provided by Doctor Pete Naegele - and for our podcast and other radio affiliates by Shawn Gilbert at Gilazar Media.  


The executive producer is Daniel Peck – with additional consulting production from Bryan Kennard.


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