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Live at the Bop Stop

May 16, 2022

This week, Macedonian  guitarist Vladimir Cetkar is a Northeast Ohio favorite. Based in New York City, Vlad’s sound is one of a kind-the perfect blend of European influenced jazz, funk and disco. Add in a horn section and he regularly brings the house down with a high energy performance, and this week is no exception. Vlad returns to The Bop Stop with a group that features Darren Frate on bass, Jeremy McCabe on drums, Vlad on guitar, Garrett Folger on trumpet, Max Schlenk on saxophone and Caleb Smith on Trombone. From a sold out February 5th, 2022 performance it’s Vladimir Cetkar – Live at the Bop Stop.

All music used with permission from Vladimir Cetkar.

Track Listing

Free Funk - Cetkar
Double Space - Cetkar
Daystarter - Cetkar
Heavenly - Cetkar
Soul Splender - Cetkar
Time Goes By - Cetkar
Lucky Pair - Cetkar
Oh For You - Cetkar